Shining a virtual light on career transition

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Can virtual coaching really work? New data from RiseSmart challenges our out-dated perceptions of career transition. Sageco's blended career and mature-age transition coaching provides faster transitions and helps protect your employer brand. The unique team-of-three approach supports participants better than ever.

Infographic: Ever wondered why career transition coaching is important?

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We are often delighted when our  participants tell us about their experience of career transition coaching. Losing your role and going through redundancy could be a really bad news story. We know it's not easy, but Sageco sets out to guide and inspire participants to create a positive and productive future. And they do. So [...]

Wisdom from a circle of ageing workforce champions

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This report from the Sageco wisdom circles - attended by 15 organisations - celebrates the outcomes of the Corporate Champions program and identifies some of the key recruitment and retention lessons.

Why diversity and inclusion strikes a chord with HR professionals and Richard Branson

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Five recent examples of why diversity and inclusion is a central part of Sageco's approach to transition. Discover links to free resources, videos and articles.

Ten recommendations for engaging a mature age workforce

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We've said before that the Willing to Work report is a gift to employers. In our 12 year focus on the opportunities of an ageing workforce, we have had to scour the planet for compelling evidence to support our solutions. Spurred on by Sageco CEO Alison Monroe's participation in the National Senior's 'The Business of Ageing' conference, it's timely to reiterate what employers can do to engage with a mature age workforce.