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RiseSmart provides innovative talent mobility solutions to ease the impact of workforce changes as people transition into, within, and out of your organisation. We provide expert transition services for career development, pre-change support, redeployment, outplacement and executive transition; we guide and inspire people of all ages and stages of the employee lifecycle through organisational and demographic change. Our holistic approach sets us apart and includes mental health awareness training, mature-age expertise and Diversity & Inclusion specialists. RiseSmart’s dedicated coaches, personalised services and revolutionary technology dramatically accelerate the process of transition and the delivery of successful outcomes. Together we protect your employer brand and help participants land new roles and achieve their goals faster than ever before. As part of a global, award-winning company, RiseSmart solutions are borderless, adaptive and offer lifetime alumni support to help your employees go from beginning to beginning.

Our story is far from over yet. Begin with us.

We believe that high-performing organisations take care of their people at every stage of
the employee life cycle, regardless of whether they remain in the organisation or transition to another one.

A growing number of companies across a wide range of industries rely on RiseSmart to provide amazing talent transition services and career empowerment programs for their employees.

  • Aerospace
  • Consumer Products
  • Education & Government
  • Engineering
  • Financial Services
  • Food & Drug
  • Government Contracting
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Information & Technology
  • News
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications


RiseSmart solutions are backed by success-focused, deeply committed Client Services and support teams who help us deliver our career transition services to the organisations and people we’re proud to serve.

Work with us, and you’ll help thousands of other people find new jobs. Are you looking for:

  • A company that’s on the move and always coming up with the next big idea?
  • A fast-paced, innovative atmosphere?
  • A diverse, supportive, fun culture?

Unlike traditional outplacement firms, we’re not constrained by office space! With headquarters and career experts situated throughout the world, our service area knows no bounds.

Are you ready to give your people the outplacement program and career transition assistance they deserve?
Get in touch: 1300 72 43 43.

You can also reach us online on our Contact page, LinkedIn,  Facebook or Twitter.