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At RiseSmart, our mission is to guide and inspire you as you manage your transition programs. Browse through our bookshelf of free client resources – tool kits, research articles and videos to develop or bolster your strategy. If you have questions – please contact us.

Career transition for HR and people leaders

How to Protect Your People and Your Brand in Periods of Change?

What do redundancies and career transitions mean for today’s workforce?

by , Chief Executive Officer at Randstad Australia Pty Ltd

Risesmart: Organisation downsizing guide – planning a workforce reduction

Risesmart works with Sageco in Australia. This guide is essential reading with sage advice on the planning you need to protect your employer brand and treat your people with dignity.

How to protect an employer brand

HRD Magazine Sageco July 2016 – Exiting with grace and dignity

HRD Magazine interviews Sageco CEO Alison Monroe about best practice in career transition. Redundancies may be an unfortunate fact of life, but there are sensitive and even beneficial ways in which employers can assist exiting employees.

HRD Magazine

The art of diversity in career transition

Sageco is committed to diversity and inclusion through all stages of the employee lifecycle. Redundancy and outplacement is no exception.  By applying a diversity lens to the seven stages of redundancy planning, organisations will protect their brand and foster sustainability. This Sageco thought leadership article developed by Alison Monroe and Catriona Byrne will guide you to approaching downsizing in an inclusive and productive way.

Having the pay equity conversation

It’s especially important that women in career transition are confident to have a conversation about pay equity and to negotiate their value and salary. This article draws on a Sageco Wisdom Circle event to describe a workplace that is practising pay equity.

The art of diversity in transition