Four tips for getting career transition right. Why do so many companies get it wrong?

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The fabric of Sageco is made up of pioneers in the career transition and outplacement industry. We are tired of the tired approach to career transition. With the merger of three companies - Donington, Harris Smith and Sageco - trading under the Sageco banner, our fresh approach is getting the attention of companies who want [...]

Is it ok to have a career change?

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In my role, I meet many people who have either had their positions made redundant or are looking for career coaching. Either way, they are going through a great deal of change and one of the many questions that comes up is, is it time to make a career change?  While often a redundancy is a turning point to [...]

Envisage for everyone

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Last weekend I was invited to speak at a senior school Career Day. We were assigned groups according to the industry we worked in and were asked to speak to the students about our current job as well as what we had done after school to end up where we are now. While the students were [...]

5 lessons from a late stage career change

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This article, 5 Lessons From A Late Stage Career Change, was recently posted on LinkedIn. I was quite shocked to see the author, Aditya Banerjeehad had stayed with the same company for 20 years. Perhaps it is a Gen Y attitude, but the majority of people I know, consider five years at one company a [...]

What messages do you post in the face of redundancy?

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Talk back radio and mainstream press in Australia were a buzz with discussion about the redundancies announced by Australia Post this week. I think we all struggle to  come to terms with the demise of the humble letter having such an impact on an icon like Australia Post. Australia Post as a business has been in [...]

Budget bonus for employers of older workers

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The Australian Federal budget has yet again brought ‘mature workers’ to national attention. In a drive to increase the workforce participation of mature workers, the Treasurer has announced the Restart program. As SmartCompany reports, starting from July 1 this year eligible employers will receive $3000 if they hire a full-time mature age job seeker who was previously unemployed for [...]

Longevity: Why We Need to Create the Future

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Longer life expectancy of workers is one of the most important issues organisations will face in the future. This is the view of Lynda Gratton from the London Business School and author of ‘The Shift – the future of work is already here.” We’re passionate about a fresh approach to transition that focuses on creating [...]