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Embracing 2018 and rising to the challenge

In January 2017, Sageco became a RiseSmart company – owned by global human services company Randstad. It’s been a double whammy, managing our own transition while helping over 200 organisations manage their transitions. We’re not perfect – far from it! We have had the typical gains and goodbyes, the adrenalin rushes, the long hours, the learning curves and the celebrations. It is all one heady mix. Suffice to say, we really understand organisational change with first-hand experience. One of our favourite quotes is from Dr Seuss;

You fight hard to hold on. You fight hard to let go.

Flipping the calendar over to 2018, here are three mantras that have kept us centred as we transform to become RiseSmart in Australia.

  • ‘Create your future’ has been a Sageco catch cry since inception. We are so excited to create our future as RiseSmart in Australia and New Zealand. We truly are going from beginning to beginning, strengthened by revolutionary technology and the ability to scale like never before.
  • ‘Have the conversation’ – We’ve long realised that most problems are just a conversation that has not yet been had. We’ve worked hard to have the conversations that really matter and ask the questions that need to be asked. In the heat of transition, taking the time to have the conversation can make all the difference.
  • ‘Honour your values’ RiseSmart and Sageco already shared aligned values. Our list has kept our behaviour in check and helped us make decisions along the way – remaining true to ourselves.
    • INTEGRITY: We honour our word. We are true to ourselves. We work as a whole.
    • COLLABORATION & COMMUNICATIONWe partner with clients, with participants, with suppliers, with each other.
    • CREATIVITYWe push boundaries. We find the better way. We are out of the box, not off the shelf.
    • GENEROSITYWe give. We help. We go beyond expectations.
    • EXCELLENCE & WOW!We are the best that we can be. We make every moment matter.

In January 2018, Sageco becomes known as RiseSmart. We are so proud of the Sageco legacy and so excited about what RiseSmart has to offer organisations in Australia and New Zealand. As your career transition provider, we guide and inspire you to create your future; we make new beginnings possible, faster.

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About the Author:

Catriona is the Creative Director of RiseSmart Australia and New Zealand.