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Pay equity – what would an award winning workplace look like?

Sageco has a unique opportunity to influence pay equity with client organisations and individuals. With over 3000 women participating in our career transition programs in any given year, we are able to support the way they negotiate salary successfully and provide them with strategies and tools that foster self belief and confidence.

In our Wisdom Circle, we challenged participants to describe what an award winning ‘pay equity’ organisation would look like at each stage of the employee life course. The cumulative result is a unique list, borne out of practice rather than just theory. Here are just a few themes from our discussions.


  • Promote flexibility (where, when, how) and value the output not hours. Train leaders to manage flexible teams.
  • Women AND men role-modelling flexibility in senior roles.
  • Salary transparency with more visibility in salary bands. Ensure transparency around role value.


  • Ensure gender balance on all recruitment panels
  • Set recruitment targets by gender for a balanced workforce across all business units
  • Pay female graduates more for a period of time


  • Embed dedicated people leader training for managing flexibility
  • Provide a mentoring program for women to ‘back themselves’
  • Demand zero tolerance on unconscious bias and train people to be aware of it


  • Apply a gender lens across everything, from decision-making processes to agreed succession plans
  • Monitor promotions for gender
  • Provide career planning development for women to help them seek promotion


  • Apply a diversity and inclusion lens to transition decisions
  • Provide a choice of flexibility before head count reduction
  • Identify what individuals want across different stages

What actions can you take so that pay equity is ‘just the way we do business’?

Click here for the full Sageco Wisdom Circle report: Same, same but different.

Click here for the latest WGEA pay equity report.

Alison Monroe, CEO Sageco is a Pay Equity Ambassador WGEA.

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