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At RiseSmart, on any given day, we have hundreds of conversations to help individuals discover their purpose and the opportunities for new beginnings.

Purpose answers the fundamental questions like –

  • Why are we here?
  • What is most meaningful to us?
  • How is the world better because we exist?
  • What is the legacy we’re leaving?

Purpose helps creates certainty in a time of enormous change.

RiseSmart is partnering with purpose-expert and author of The Purpose Project, Carolyn Tate, to provide an opportunity for business leaders and decision-makers to explore the question: What role could purpose play in your work-life and in your workplace?

Led by Carolyn, the discussion takes place over a beautiful food and fine wine selection in a private dining room. Carolyn will deliver a short talk on The Purpose of Purpose before taking a deep dive into the philosophies and practicalities of purpose through pair and group discussions. Each diner will receive a signed copy of Carolyn’s book, The Purpose Project.

Please share this opportunity with senior business colleagues in your circle who might like to join the table.
Cost: Your investment in this conversation and dinner is three hours of your time and $185.

Places at the Deep Dinner are strictly limited. Book now by selecting your event time and place below to secure your seat at the table.



  • RSVP | Tuesday 5 June 5.45 pm – 9 pm | 12 Micron, Barangaroo, Sydney, NSW
  • RSVP | Wednesday 6 June 5.45 pm – 9 pm | 12 Micron, Barangaroo, Sydney, NSW


  • RSVP | Wednesday 13 June 5.45 pm – 9 pm | Malt Dining – 28 Market Street, Brisbane

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