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RiseSmart is the proud deliverer of Sageco Solutions. Sageco has pioneered mature age transition solutions since 2004 and is widely recognised as the industry leader in ageing workforce management.

Supporting Mature Age Workers

Our flagship transition framework – Sageco Envisage® – has inspired over 30,000 participants to visualise what is possible and create their future.

Envisage is a holistic and adaptive framework supporting individuals through transition to:

  • take a ‘whole of life’ approach to transition
  • make positive changes in key areas impacted by change
  • set goals, ignite action and create the future participants envisage.

Envisage – Create your future is a powerful seminar program for those well into their careers, generally those aged 55+. The program has been designed to engage mature workers and assist them in owning and planning for a positive and productive late career and future retirement.

As a Randstad company, RiseSmart offers deep expertise in age management pathway consulting and programs for HR & People Leaders to navigate the ageing workforce.

For more information about ageing workforce consulting, contact us. solutions@risesmart.com.au.