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Holistic Approach

Our holistic approach has inspired over 30,000 participants to visualise what is possible and create their future. It is an objective and adaptive framework supporting individuals through transition at all levels and at all stages of their working life to:

  • take a whole-of-life approach to transition
  • make positive changes in key areas impacted by change
  • set goals, ignite action and achieve their next role or desired outcome

The holistic coaching framework

The framework is based on six life areas impacted by change:

  • Identity – Who am I outside of work? To what extent does my job and employer define me? Where do I find purpose and meaning?
  • Money – Am I clear about the future I want? What money do I need to support it? Am I financially secure?
  • Career – What do I want my next career phase to look like? Can I work differently going forward? How do I enhance job search success?
  • Health – What are the ‘four pillars of good health’? How can I enhance my overall wellbeing during times of change?
  • Relationships – Who are the most important people I will share my future with? How can I keep these relationships healthy? What conversations should I be having?
  • Future – What is the most important to me? What steps can I take to create my future?
Holistic approach

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