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In today’s job market, an employment gap on a resume can exponentially increase the time it takes for someone to find a new job. That’s why, at RiseSmart’s outplacement services, we surround participants with a team of transition coaching, professional branding, and job sourcing experts: to break the barriers to finding ideal jobs, making the right connections, and getting their feet in the door so they can land new roles faster.


Sageco Personal Transition Coach

Each employee receives a personal RiseSmart Transition Coach to prepare for and successfully navigate the job search.

  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Location-independent services
  • Coaches with experience in HR and recruiting
  • Certified in RiseSmart’s proprietary transition methodology
  • Assessments and resources
  • Networking, interview, offer and salary negotiations, and more

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Professional Branding Sageco Resume Services

RiseSmart’s Certified Professional Resume Writers help participants make a great first impression, with tailored branding material delivered within a week of beginning our outplacement program.

  • Certified Professional Resume Writer
  • Industry experienced writers
  • Customized resume and cover letter
  • Professional critique of LinkedIn bio*

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* Services may vary by package type.


Dedicated Job Concierge - Outplacement Services Sageco RiseSmart Australia

A RiseSmart personal job concierge saves employees time otherwise spent searching for open positions and delivers the best fit jobs for each employee based on preferences, participant profiles, and direct feedback.

  • Professional job sourcers
  • Experience in recruiting
  • Handpicked opportunities
  • Include jobs found on niche job boards or corporate websites
  • Add the human touch to job recommendations

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