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A personal coach provides accountability and guidance to help each individual quickly determine their desired career path and guide them through networking, interviewing, negotiating and achieving their outcome. RiseSmart’s experienced and objective coach provide a sounding board like no one else.

Only few job seekers practice for the interview – According to Inspireeducation

Only 56% of job seekers are confident that they know the skills required for employment.1


Job Seekers 70%

of hiring managers rank interviewing skills as necessary for success in obtaining employment with their company. But only 63% of job seekers actually practice for the interview.2


Role of Career coaching to build accountability – According to Bloomberg View.

After 12 weeks of unemployment job seekers decrease their time spent on the job search every day by 30 minutes.3



With RiseSmart Transition Coaches, each participant has 1:1 access to an unlimited and dedicated support system to help them pursue a new job in the same industry, change careers, become an entrepreneur, or transition to creative retirement. No matter what their career goals, because our coaches are matched not by location but by expertise and industry experience, your transitioning employees will get the motivation, advice, and resources they need to quickly transition into their next job.

Each RiseSmart Transition Coach:

  • Is matched with participants based on functional expertise and practice area. More than 1/3 of our coaches have an advanced or terminal degree, in subjects including business, HR, career coaching, education, counseling psychology, and more.
  • Has an average of 12 years of experience in HR and/or recruiting and 8 years of experience in career coaching, to better prepare participants for the hiring process.
  • Understands the unique circumstances of different hiring situations across industries, because 86% worked in HR and recruiting prior to working for RiseSmart.
  • Is certified in RiseSmart’s proprietary, expert designed methodology, accredited by the International Coach Federation. Our coaches also hold outside certifications from over 42 different certifying bodies, including CPCC, ACC/PCC/MCC, SHRM, HCRI, and more.
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