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Contemporary outplacement is here—with technology to assist employees at every level with their career transition goals, while providing human resources professionals with transparency and visibility into their impacted employees’ progress.

By shining a spotlight on the most relevant leads and contacts for participants and providing insight into progress metrics and return on investment for HR, Sageco’s technology makes it quick, easy, and simple for your organisation to care for your employees and protect your brand.


Technology for HR

RiseSmart Insight™ is crafted by HR, for HR to bring greater transparency, visibility, and security into your outplacement process.

  • Simple, unified list upload, featuring version control, commenting, and access control
  • On-demand analytics, putting real time insights into the outplacement process at your fingertips
  • Alumni Sentiment Rating for measuring employee sentiment—and proactively protecting your brand
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Technology for Participants

Using RiseSmart’s all-in-one job search platform, your impacted employees can participate in their job search anytime and anywhere.

  • Proprietary SmartMatch™ job engine, using semantic search, intelligent ranking, and adaptive learning to improve quality and relevance of job leads
  • Contact Discovery Engine and LinkedIn integration, for discovering whom participants already know at target companies—and whom they should know
  • All-in-One Job Search platform for organizing the search, messaging with coaches, building a personal brand, and discovering relevant job search tips, webinars, and more
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