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Outplacement is a high touch industry, but employees’ increasingly social, mobile, and flexible job search habits have made it harder to deliver those services effectively—until now. RiseSmart is reinventing outplacement from layoff to landing by augmenting its service delivery and providing unmatched career transition tools with its proprietary outplacement technology.

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RiseSmart’s SmartMatch engine is unlike any other job search tool: with a proprietary algorithm that gives participants a short list of the best-fitting jobs available in mere seconds, SmartMatch reduces the time it takes for participants to discover the most relevant leads and start applying.

SmartMatch Outplacement Engine - Dashboard

Job Search Aggregation

SmartMatch processes tens of millions of jobs from the job boards where over 90% of available jobs are located and returns results in seconds.

Semantic Search

SmartMatch uses a semantic search to narrow the results to fit the job seeker’s intent and context, instead of only searching through Boolean keywords. Semantic search allows SmartMatch to identify the most relevant positions based on the job seeker’s desired roles, companies, and industries.

Intelligent Ranking

SmartMatch takes the semantically matched jobs and ranks them against the job seeker’s experience and preferences—and it learns about what kinds of roles the job seeker likes over time. Intelligent ranking significantly cuts time spent job searching by making it increasingly easy for the job seeker to find a role that fits, so they can focus on applying where they’re likely to land an interview right away.


They say that networking is all about who you know—but sometimes, it’s who you don’t know who can help land you the job.

The Contact Discovery Engine reveals contacts to whom the job seeker is already connected, and it also uncovers highly relevant contacts whom the job seeker should know, such as hiring managers or people in positions related to the desired role.

The Contact Discovery Engine returns email and phone information for each of these contacts, and participants can use Sageco’s networking phone scripts and email templates to make a good first impression.

Technology Contact Discovery


Messaging Tools

A centralised point of contact (on both desktop and mobile) from which job seekers can contact their coaches without leaving the platform, keeping participants engaged and accountable

Organisation Tools

Allows the job seeker to keep their entire job search in one place, so that they know where they applied, whom they contacted, and what their goals are to increase the efficacy of time spent engaging in the job search.

Content Library

Dynamically customised content following Sageco’s proprietary methodology for faster transitions, including articles, videos, live webcasts, tip sheets, and more.


In less than 15 minutes, participants can create a unique, personal brand, including an industry-specific cover letter that resonates with potential employers. The cover letter builder also contains editing tools and industry examples to guide participants to create a successful document. The Personal Brand Builder also includes an Accomplishment Builder for resume creation and a Personal Value Proposition Builder for creating an impactful elevator speech.

Technology Brand Builder


Transition Management System

RiseSmart Torch™ synchronizes delivery teams around individual participants’ needs, enables real-time tracking of status and results, and facilitates customised, data-driven career transition service delivery to increase accountability and results.

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We have won more awards in the last 5 years than all of our competitors combined.

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