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Mature Age Transition

Although employers were attuned to the fact that older & long-serving employees were ‘sticking around’ for a redundancy, managers & employees lacked the confidence and skills to have conversations about transition to retirement options & succession planning.

AHRC Willing to Work report 2016

Career Transition

We have worked with Sageco as a preferred supplier for career transition services since 2006, providing support for our middle to senior managers. It is great to partner with an organisation I view as having genuine integrity and a holistic approach.

Airline, Envisage Client

Career Content

I used your LinkedIn profile tips and updated my online profile. I’ve gotten 28 reviews this week and a request for me to keynote at a March college event. Great job!! Thank you!!

Linda N.

Handpicked Jobs

Sageco helped find the right job. I ended up with 3 job offers and selected one that matched perfectly to my background and interest.

Santanu S.

Professional Branding

Wow! You did a great job! I’d hire me!

Melisande P.

Revolutionary Technology

I love that you can send a list of target companies and they discover contacts to send your resume to.

Jan F.

Personal Coaching

My coach was outstanding! She knew the industry and gave great advice for me at every step. I really can’t say enough or express my gratitude for her coaching and her depth of knowledge on each phase of my transition.

Diane K.

Handpicked Jobs

Very impressed with the jobs presented and looked forward to each email.

Walter B.


Having Sageco on your side gives you confidence that you’re not job-hunting alone. It gives you opportunities where you previously thought there weren’t. Sageco gives you an edge.

Tomas M.

Personal Coaching

Hello [My Transition Coach] was always available with a quick response, gave excellent advice and always had time to listen and coach me. She treated me like I was her only client.

Lewis B.

Revolutionary Technology

The website was a very big help in finding good positions. The job recommendations were very good and far superior to the online sites I set up on my own.

Peter B.